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Emergency Washer Repair Service

A washer is a wonderful appliance, an essential part of every home. Washing machines save your time and effort, which would have gone into endless scrubbing and rinsing. Now, you have more free time for fun activities with your family and friends!

Having your washing machine break down or acting funny will undoubtedly put a damper on all your plans. Before you head out to a laundromat or the appliance store for a new washer, you should give us a call first. however

Tell Us Your Emergency Washer Problems.

Any problem with your washer should be looked into immediately. Delays could cause water damage to your home or further complications. The earlier we resolve the problem, the less the damage. And lower laundry piles!

Some problems that you might encounter are:

  • Washer does not start, which could be caused by electrical switches or faults
  • Water is running, but the washer drum is not spinning.
  • There is no agitation.
  • Washer is noisy and vibrates excessively.
  • Washer leaks, this could damage your flooring and cause mold issues.
  • Water is not draining correctly.
  • Wash cycle leaves spots or soap on clothes.

A host of different causes can be the source of any of these problems. Our emergency washer repair Ottawa technicians are trained to professionally assess the situation and find the best fix for you. A minor issue can be fixed in a jiffy. A major issue, or a faulty part will require a bit more time. Our technicians will source the right part for you and install it correctly. All appointments are pre-arranged for your convenience. Your washer will be working again, as good as new! Emergency washer repair Ottawa

Why Should You Trust Saga Appliances Emergency Repair Services?

We know that having your washer out-of-commission is not an acceptable situation. That is why we offer same-day professional services for our clients in Ottawa. Your appointments are made to fit your schedule. Our rates are affordable, with no hidden fees. We even offer cost-free quotes. Our repair technicians are licensed and certified. We’ve gone the extra mile to do background checks and drug tests to reduce risks.¬† We also provide a service guarantee on all our residential repairs. So, you, as a client, have nothing to lose. Call us today! Emergency washer repair Ottawa

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